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(p.411) Uppsala
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This book, a self-made map of the world, was unveiled in the first week of the ninth month of the third millennium. It took years to complete and in every respect it was the joint work of the author and his former student Ole Michael Jensen, a Dane whose first degrees are in the theory and practice of land surveying. So close was their cooperation that they did not report their findings under their individual names but under the amalgamated imprint of Gunnael Jensson. When this work was well under way, the curator Luciano Escanilla graciously invited the authors to participate in the Uppsala International Contemporary Art Biennial Eventa 5 in Sweden. They were elated, for here was a rare opportunity to present their research in a setting where the artificial boundaries between the contemporary art world, the university, and the church were all but erased. This circumstance was crucial, for it fit nicely into the authors' own conception that even though knowledge by definition is an exercise in translation, no translation can ever be perfect.

Keywords:   map, Ole Michael Jensen, Uppsala, Sweden, translation, contemporary art, university, church

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